The beginning of CARIUNAS PROGRAM was in 1997…Tânia used to be a Music Professor at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais State-Bazil), and the activities used to take place at borrowed rooms at other institutions. After a while, back then in 2002, with very little resources, Tânia and supporters rented a small house at a specific neighborhood, trying to bring artistic opportunities to the community around.

Trying to enlarge its attendance, in 2007, with the financial support of several companies, private and public institutions, it was possible to build the PARK SCHOOL CARIUNAS PLACE, which was intended to be a democratic place, where young children and teenagers could feel at home and have access to all different forms of art expression, having somehow an integrated formation.

In the outside, the main building has a theater, constructed to receive around 150 people, a soccer field.